Hello from Cambodia!

Taking the Lopez kids to the palaceThe first two weeks of my trip are over – how time flies!  I took Christiana to the airport today, she’s on her way back to California.  What a wonderful time it was to spend with her and the team here.  Truly the Lord has been so gracious to me in my soon-to-be help-mate.  It was so special to share Cambodia with her and to look forward to a future ministry together here.  It’s hard to imagine going back to school (yes, I am going back!)! Thank you so much for your prayers and for your support – it has been amazing to be reunited with so many here.  Continue reading →


Please Pray for Conner

A long time friend of mine had a major accident, diving into a lake his spinal cord was pinched.  Currently he has no feeling from the head down and is in critical condition.  Please pray for Conner’s recovery, and for his family, all of whom are believers.


Off to Cambodia!

Well, it has been a packed season in my life, getting engaged, finishing my 4th semester at seminary, completing summer school, moving my fiancée’s furniture down to LA, and now heading off to Cambodia for five weeks (leaving tonight at 1:00 AM and returning July 20th).  My fiancée will be joining me for the first two  weeks so that she can be introduced to the team and the country as we look to future long-term ministry there.
A team from Grace Community Church will be joining for the last two weeks of my trip focusing on serving the local church, through ESL, vbs, and running a week-long camp for Shalom Toul Kork.

We covet your prayers – with all the transition up ahead.  How good our God is to us!  How marvelous are His blessings!

I’ll keep you updated as we travel to Cambodia, and minister there.  Thank you for your prayers and continued support.

Because He lives,

Is Confession of Sins to Men Biblical?

Throughout America, Christians are called to confess their sins to each other, as a practical outflow of an accountability group or small group. But is this practice biblical? Why do we confess our sins to each other? One of the main passages used to teach the practice of confessing your sins to your fellow believers, regardless of their involvement in the situation or their being sinned against, is the first part of James 5:16, “Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another…” But there is a context to that verse that has been sorely ignored. It is my belief that James is not calling for a general confession of sin between believers on a regular basis but rather that he has limited this confession to those who are sick and to them alone. Continue reading →

Did Jesus Christ Die for You?

The question of who Christ died for is one of heated debate among evangelicals. While it may be easy to refuse to interact with this question, believing it to be impractical, it is quite apparent that those who desire to be faithful to God’s Word cannot gloss over this topic. And actually it is a subject of great practical concern. For the answer to the question for whom Christ died will dictate how a person’s shares the Gospel with non-believers. Can a Christian legitimately tell a person they are sharing the Gospel with that Christ died for them? Continue reading →

Sin Brought Forth All Death

This paper will seek to show that in order to be faithful to God’s Word one must believe that all death entered the world after sin and not before. This topic has become more of a debate in recent years because of the Theory of Evolution and the trend in this modern era to try and match what the Bible says with what science claims to know as fact. The world looks at the Bible and renounces it as a fairy tale and some Christians are doing their best to give the Bible back its dignity. But in the process they strip God’s Word of its authorial intent and make science the lord of Scripture. Continue reading →