Our Great Need for the Atonement

“The great central doctrine of the atonement can never be fully appreciated until a man’s heart is rectified. You have probably often heard such remarks as these, ‘I don’t see why there should be any recompense made to God for sin. Why could he not, forgive transgression at once, and have done with it? What need is there of a substitutionary sacrifice?’ Ah, sir! if you had ever felt the weight of sin upon your conscience, if you had ever learnt to loathe the very thought, of evil, if you had been broken-hearted because you have been so terribly defiled by sin, you would feel that the atonement was not only required by God, but that it was also required by your own sense of justice; and instead of rebelling against the doctrine of a vicarious sacrifice, you would open your heart to it, and cry, ‘That is precisely what I need.'” – Spurgeon