All Things Work Together

There was a man who, every morning as he got out of bed, asked himself this question: Is today the day I die? We do not know when our time to die will come, it might be today. We might be out on the road and get hit by a truck. We might get sick and then die in a few hours. Life is fragile. Just a hit to the head a little too hard and we are gone from this earth. It is because of this unknown, this thing called death that we all must face someday, that the world is frantically trying to do all that it can to avoid the inevitable. The world does all it can to avoid pain, and suffering, sickness, and hunger. But the world has forgotten something. There is a God is heaven, a God who controls all things. There is nothing outside His control – there is nothing outside his power. Even evil itself is subject to this God. This God is the one true living God – the God of the Bible – He is our God. And this all-powerful God says: “All things work together for the good of those who love Me: those who are called according to My purpose.” Do you believe Him – that even in the things that we call bad – the suffering, the pain in this life – that our God will make those bad things work together for our good? There is nothing more powerful than God, no pain or suffering, no evil spirit – He is all-powerful. His words are not empty – but He is able to back them up – He says all things will work together for our good! So then, in your suffering, rejoice! For it is for your good! In your sickness, rejoice! It too is for your good! We do not need to fear death – for God is the Lord of death – rather do all to the glory of God – and rejoice in all things, for they are for your good Christian! Is today the day that you will die? If it is, and if you are loving God, then rest assured, that even in death – all things will be worked together for your good, and are being worked together for your good by your Father, who is Lord of all things, even death itself.

Romans 8:28
“We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God: those who are called according to His purpose.”