Musings from Jonathan Edwards #4

“… I don’t pretend fully to explain how these things are,

…I am far from pretending to explain the Trinity

so as to render it no longer a mystery still, notwithstanding

anything I have said about it. I don’t pretend to explain the Trinity…”

“The Father is as the substance of the sun; the Son is as the rightness and glory of the disk of the sun, or that bright and glorious form under which it appears to our eyes; the Holy Ghost is as the heat and powerful influence which acts upon the sun itself and, being diffusive, enlightens, warms, enlivens and comforts the world. The Spirit, as it is God’s infinite love and happiness, is as the internal heat of the sun; but as it is that by which God communicates himself, is as the emitted beams of God’s glory”

“There is nothing in Scripture that speaks of any acceptance of the Holy Ghost, or any reward, or any mutual friendship between the Holy Ghost and either of the either persons…”

we never once read either of the Father or the Son loving the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit loving either of them. It is because the Holy Spirit is the divine love itself”

“…walking in the Spirit and walking in love are the same thing”

Why do you suppose that the Father is never said to love the Holy Spirit in the Bible?

Why is it that Jesus is never said to love us (present tense as opposed to the past tense) until Rev. 1:5?

If the Holy Spirit is love and God is omnipresent, how can Edwards argue that hell is a world without love?