Quote of the Day

From John Bunyan’s “Prayer”

“If men did see their sins, yet without the help of the Spirit they would not pray.  For they would run away from God, with Cain and Judas, and utterly despair of mercy, were it not for the Spirit.  When a man is indeed sensible of his sin, and God’s curse, then it is a hard thing to persuade him to pray; for, says his heart, ‘There is no hope,’ it is in vain to seek God (Jer. 2.25; 18.12).  I am so vile, so wretched, and so cursed a creature that I shall never be regarded!  Now here comes the Spirit, and stays the soul, helps it to hold up its face to God, by letting into the heart some small sense of mercy to encourage it to go to God, and hence he is called ‘the Comforter’ (John 14.26).