Not Only Kind


So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.
(1 John 4:16 ESV)

I think many times when suffering comes our way, we scream out to God, “WHY?! What did I do?” But we forget – I forget that God is not just kind. For it is through suffering that we learn that God is not only kind to us. Yes, God is not only kind, rather He is love. For a god that is only kind would give drugs to a drug addict because it would make the addict happy in the moment, not willing to bring the suffering and pain required to remove the addiction from the addict in order to give him a life free from drugs. Kindness is unwilling to go all the way, unwilling to do that which is required to bring ultimate good to the recipient. But God is a God that loves us and so sometimes He wills us to go through difficulties and suffering not for the sake of suffering but for our own sake, as one withholding drugs from an addict, causing momentary suffering in order that the addict might be free from the addiction and live a full and free life. And so it is with us, we are addicted to this world, a world that in the end leads to death, and so God, our Father works to wean us off this world, causing us momentary affliction, that we might, in the end, have a life that is full, wholly satisfied and pure, not bound in slavery to sin, but filled with love for the One who loved us enough to cause our suffering for our ultimate good – everlasting life in the presence of the source of all good, God Himself. He is truly love.


Jumbled thoughts from a year ago

We are far away from where we should be – we continue to follow the ones who are in front of us, knowing good and well in our minds that the path they follow leads to death. But our hearts, but my heart rebells against the truth. We know, and yet we continue, we still walk in the path of our old man. What is keeping us from doing the things we know we should? Why are some outside the faith even more disciplined than we, who are in the faith are? Whouls we not be known for our discipline? Our lives should follow after our beliefs, yet our beliefs never seem to be strong enough to perfect our lives – for we are but flesh, weak, and unable to cleanse ourselves from the wickedness inside our souls. Nothing is easier to know than this: men are wicked. Yet nothing is harder to accept, for why would a wicked heart admit to such a thing? The point of belief never comes until a man realises he is wicked. We say we are good but there is no one good but God. We say we are not murderers – we say Hitler was wicked, but we fail to see in ourselves the very same things that made that man so wicked – we decieve ourselves. God is a the God who saves and man is a race that needs a Savior.