Order of Salvation

What’s the order of salvation?
Today in Theology class my professor pointed out something interesting in regards to those who like to speak chronologically of salvation.
If regeneration comes before faith, then you have an unbelieving regenerate.
And if faith comes before regeneration, then you have an unregenerate believer.
So most likely, from God’s perspective, there is no chronology involved. Continue reading →


Is Love a Feeling or a Choice?

It seems that much of evangelicalism today views love as a choice, a commitment, a decision of the will.  This is to combat what is seen in the world.  The world’s love is emotion driven and inconsistent, demonstrated in the ramped divorce rate in America.  But is love truly just a choice?  And I ask that question in a biblical way – is God’s love for us, and the love that He would have us love each other just a choice, or is it a feeling? Continue reading →