“We should kill formal education”

When we say that formal education is failing and is damaging the church, are we forgetting something? The country of Cambodia has a 30% literacy rate – is that what we want to proliferate? Churches that are illiterate, unable to read, let alone able to study the Word of God? Since we seem to like to look to the secular world so much, though the world is the worst model (may we never pattern ourselves after the world!), I will bring this up: The Western world’s educational systems have transformed illiterate cultures to literate cultures – into cultures that are able to critically think and apply what they have learned into their workplaces. Why are we biting the hand that feeds? Have we forgotten how the western world has come to have societies that are educated? Formal training is the basis for all of the western progression – if there was no formal training, where would the western world be? The western world would be right where the third world is, illiterate, and unable to have produced the missions movements that it has, and rather would be struggling for life, for they would have no basis on which to stand.

The Word of God – study of the Word of God, in-depth study of the Word – this is what we can learn from the past. The men of God, the pillars in the church – all were in someway steeped in the Word, not just in the basics, but were plunged into the depths – and this is why they stood tall, because they were deep in God – they knew God deep and so through that knowledge they served God long and faithfully. What are we thinking?