Psalm 36

1 For the Music Director.  By David, a servant of Yahweh.

2 An oracle is in my heart concerning the rebellion of the wicked:

There is no fear of God in his mind

3 For in his own mind he flatters himself, unable to find his iniquity and hate it

4 The words he speaks are trouble and deceit

He has ceased to be able to do good

5 He devises trouble while on his bed

He deliberately places himself in the path of wrong

He does not reject evil

6 Yahweh, Your love extends to heaven

Your steadfastness, to the clouds

7 Your righteousness is like the Mountains of God

Your judgment is like a great deep ocean

Yahweh, You deliver mankind and beast

8 How precious is Your love

O, God, the children of mankind seek refuge in the shadow of Your wings

9 They drink their fill from the abundance in Your house

You give them drink from the river of Your joy

10 For You possess the fountain of life

In Your light, we see light

11 You extend Your love to those who know You

And Your righteousness, to the upright in heart

12 Do not let the foot of the prideful come upon me

Nor the hand of the wicked drive me away

13 There the doers of wickedness fall

They are thrust down and are unable to stand again


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