Don’t Wait to Repent

Some people are living their lives as they please, thinking that one day, when they grow old, maybe even on their death bed they will finally turn to God so that they will escape hell and go to heaven.  But such an idea is faulty at best, damning at worst.


“You may say, perhaps, ‘It is never too late to repent.’  I answer–‘That is right enough: but late repentance is seldom true.  And I say farthur, you cannot be certain if you put off repenting, you will repent at all.’
You may say, ‘Why should I be afraid?–the penitent thief was saved.’
I answer–‘That is true: but look again at the passage which tells you that the other thief was lost.'”
– J. C. Ryle Holiness p. 236

Turn to God today, do not wait.


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