True Hope

Cambodian "Cow God"Where do Cambodians place their hope? Of late, some have placed their hope in a dead calf. In the province of Pursat, Cambodia, about five days ago, a calf with “reptilian” skin died after only being born three days earlier. Residents believed it to be a reincarnation of a cow deity that in ancient times lived in the area. Some also have claimed that by drinking its saliva or water that had been poured over its dead body their aches and pains were healed. The community held a three-day funeral in hopes that the cow god would revisit soon, and stay longer the next time.[1]

The hope of a dead calf is really no hope at all.  We know that such a god cannot offer true hope. But when that is all you know, where else would you turn? Life is hard; pain and suffering make up much of this life.  And so many Cambodians turn to “gods” such as these, who in reality are no gods at all.

Will you join us in praying for the Cambodian people? That the light of the Gospel would shine forth into the darkness, and that many would come to know the One True God? Cambodians have no true hope outside of Christ. We go, that we might beg them, on behalf of Christ, to be reconciled to God, that they might have true hope.

May God be glorified in Cambodia, and in us,
Nathan and Christiana

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[1] Heng Sinith, “Cambodian village worships cow with reptilian skin,”

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