Psalm 21 Devotional

Psalm 20 and 21 come as a unit, and I thought it would be beneficial if we just looked at some of the contrasts between the two psalms so that we can learn more of the amazing blessing of coming before the Lord in prayer

Both psalms concern King David, and are setup so that the people of Israel pray them concerning the king.

Psalm 20 seems to take place in the midst of a war, asking that God would deliver the king, that they would win the battle

V1 “May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble”

V2 “May He send you help from the sanctuary”

They express their hope in God’s help looking to the return of the king

V5 “We will sing for joy over your victory”

V6 “I know that the Lord saves His anointed”

But in psalm 21 the war is over, the king has returned and the people offer thanksgiving to the Lord and affirm their hope in God along with the king

In psalm 20 they prayed that God would give the king his heart’s desire (v4), and in Psalm 21 they praise God because He granted the king the desire of his heart (v2).  They asked that God would preserve their king from death, and He did.

God met the king with blessings of good things.

Psalm 21 is full of rejoicing, full of thanksgiving and hope – why?

Because of psalm 20

Requests were made of God, and God answered.

If there had been no prayer before entering the war, the joy of seeing God answer His people would not be experienced.

So let us come before God – the God who hears and answers His people’s prayers – let us come before Him placing our full trust in His power, so that in the future we might experience the joy of seeing His mighty power at work in our midst, so that we too can join in exalting the Lord, singing and praising His power.


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