Mark Driscoll? What’s the Deal?

For those of you who haven’t read this yet, you should:



  1. That’s the same argumentation that creates editing of the original language’s course phrases/words.

    I think MacArthur/the MacArthur camp (and I’m not saying that is necessarily you, Nate) are the only Reformed evangelicals who continue to denigrate Driscoll, and I find it frustrating. Everyone else seems to appreciate and celebrate the fact that Driscoll has helped to launch a movement that has planted hundreds of churches and seen thousands of men and women come to Christ. But the Shepherd’s conference crowd talks about Driscoll like foul language of any sort discredits anything else he has ever done.

    Of course, being in a minority doesn’t prove someone wrong (just the opposite in some cases); but when pretty much every other conservative, Reformed, Gospel-focused minister (John Piper, Mark Dever, C.J. Mahaney) has basically put his stamp of approval on the big picture of Driscoll’s ministry, I tend to think that MacArthur/his crowd is simply continuing to earn his reputation as being known more for what he is against than what he is for.


  2. So Jeff, Danny – what do you, personally, think about the actual sermon? Do you think Driscoll crossed “the line” in this case? Do you think that a preponderance of good works earns one a free pass on a public matter which many would at least consider a matter of wisdom?

    For the record – I have only read quotes from this sermon, not listened to the whole thing; in general, I have really liked the 4-6 sermons from Driscoll that I have listened to.


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