Can the original Greek NT be copyrighted?

The answer to this question effects many things in regard to the usage of the Greek text, especially on the internet.  There are different versions of the Greek text, taking what they believe to be the best reading from the many manuscripts that are available and compiling them into one.  But there have been some copyright issues that have come up I thought we all should be aware of:

A Greek Bible web site used by lovers of God’s Word around the world has been shut down by the German/United Bible Society. Why?

Because they are intent upon defending the stream of money they’ve lived off for many years, now, provided by the Greek text of God’s Word they’ve assembled. They claim their text is the closest anyone can possibly get to the original autographs inspired by the Holy Spirit.

So think about this. The better they do their job, the closer they will be to claiming copyright for the very word of God.

Check out the full post here: Copyrighting the Holy Spirit’s words, then living off the profit…


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