Prayer and the Study of God’s Word

Do we pray enough?

Do we pray enough?

How often do you pray?  How often do you pray as you study the Word of God?  How much time do you spend in prayer as you prepare a lesson or message?  I fear we spend much too little time seeking to be taught and instructed by the Spirit of the One who inspired the very words we seek to teach others.  May God grant us eyes to see our dependence on Him, and may we be found on our knees praying, showing our dependence on God.

“For a man solemnly to undertake the interpretation of any portion of Scripture without invocation of God, to be taught and instructed by his Spirit, is a high provocation of him; nor shall I expect the discovery of truth from any one, who thus proudly engages in a work so much above his ability.”[1]

[1] John Owen, A Discourse Concerning the Holy Spirit (Philadelphia: Tower & Hogan, 1827), 371.


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