What Does it Mean to Fear God?

There are many different answers I’ve heard over the years as to what it means to fear God.  Some say it just means to revere God, or be in awe of Him.  But I read one definition of what it means to fear God today that I believe really captured the biblical meaning quite well:

To fear God means to acknowledge His superiority over man, to recognize His deity and thus respond in awe, humility, worship, love, trust, and obedience.  The Fear of God, “properly understood, was no mere ‘attitude,’ [it] involved the full range of humanity’s response to the deity.”  Such response to God results in wisdom, in wise, skillful living.

Quote from: “A Theology of the Wisdom Books and the Song of Songs” by Roy B. Zuck in A Biblical Theology of the Old Testament, page 215

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