How to Share the Gospel with a Muslim

A great post over at Chaos & Old Night on how one can go about showing that Islam is inconsistent, and that Christianity alone is consistent:

“Allah as a monistic God cannot do what the Christian God can do. He can only reward obedience and punish wickedness but he cannot redeem and regenerate. This creates an ethical dilemma for Allah. According to Islam, Allah is holy and each person disobedient. But through the following the five pillars one can hope that Allah will show mercy. But nothing is done with the disobedience. Allah must simply ignore it if one is to hope to entern into heaven. But this cannot be done without Allah compromising his holiness. In Islam sin is not dealt with, it is punished in some and overlooked in others. In the Bible, however, we read of the progress of the triune God dealing with sin by conquering it and eliminating it, not simply punishing it and ignoring it.”


17 Responses to How to Share the Gospel with a Muslim

  1. Nathan,
    That is not true. Allah is not just a rewarder and punisher. He much more than that. It is not only from the 5 pillars Allah shows mercy. In Islam, a believer can get mercy from anything and everything. One needs to repent sincerely for mercy, if one does not, he then is punished for his sins, until he can enter heaven. Allah, is the perfect monotheistic god, he is eternal, he is all living, he is self sufficient, he does not die for any body’s sins, nor does he have children that die for anybody else’s sins.

  2. nathanwells says:

    But I2I, you have not shown how Allah justly deals with disobedience. Like the quote says, he just ignores it – but how can a holy God (as Islam claims Allah is) ignore sin? Sin must be dealt with. Does Allah just grant forgiveness because someone repents sincerely? So what, their sin just disappears? Must sin be punished? If I murder someone and a judge forgives me that judge is not just but has rather committed a travesty of justice! There is no room for forgiveness in the Islamic worldview – it is inconsistent to say that Allah is just, and therefore must punish sin, and at the same time Allah is just and therefore we can hope for forgiveness if we repent.
    How can a just God ignore sin?

    The God of the Bible, on the other hand, does not ignore sin. He dealt with it by the sacrifice of his Son (not a Son in terms of physical generation but in terms of special relationship, one in essence, yet distinct in person). Our God is not unjust, but paid the penalty himself for the sins of those who believe and repent. Therefore there is hope of salvation for all peoples.

    “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified as a gift by His grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus; whom God displayed publicly as a propitiation in His blood through faith. This was to demonstrate His righteousness, because in the forbearance of God He passed over the sins previously committed; for the demonstration, I say, of His righteousness at the present time, so that He would be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus.” (Romans 3:23-26)

    God is just and is the justifier of all who have faith in Jesus, for he paid the penalty of sin.

    Allah is not just in ignoring sin – he is not righteous in forgiving the sin of those who repent.

  3. Nathan,
    Allah does not just ignore sin. There are punishment for sins. Stealing has a punishment. Killing has the punishment of death. Adultery has a punishment. So does slandering a woman. They are punished here. Qur’an list the punishment for all of those. Now about being punished in the hereafter, those who do not repent, and do not receive the punishment in this life, they will be punished in the hereafter. If they have repented, Allah is all forgiving.

    How is that more just? What you are saying is even more unjust, that a persons sins are forgiven because an innocent person, god’s “son” paid for humanities sins. How is paying the penalty himself just? If you are using one logic, to describe Islam, why are you using a different logic to describe Christianity. I think this is more unjust, if I committed a crime, that the judge lets me off the hook, instead jails his son for my crime.

    Allah is the most merciful, and the all forgiver. There is no need in logic for that. It’s quite simple, you believe in him, you repent to him, he forgives you.

    Your God says to repent and he will forgive, but you ignore that. From the bible:
    “If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”
    —2 Chronicles 7:14″

  4. Fraiser says:


    I am the one who wrote the post that has been linked to here. I’ll just make a few brief comments.

    1) Yes, the Old Testament says that there is forgiveness if there is repentance, but this in Christian theology this forgiveness is not provided by our repentance, it is provided by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on whose behalf we may be forgiven when we repent. We could repent all day long but without the satisfaction of the wrath of God in the death and resurrection of Christ there is no forgiveness. This is a major difference from Islam. Christianity doesn’t put forward an arbitrary God who could go either way when it comes it sin: forgive it or condemn it. Islam does.

    2) You write, “It’s quite simple, you believe in him, you repent to him, he forgives you.” Tell me. Have you repented of every sin you have done? Maybe you left one out. Maybe you didn’t interpret the Qur’an just right and what you say is not a sin turns out to be a sin after all. Wouldn’t you perish in the afterlife like those you say don’t repent. Or does Allah just up and forgive anyway even though you didn’t repent? If I was a Muslim this question would keep me up at night.

    I know that I haven’t repented of every last sin. My sin is even greater than I know. I sin in ways I don’t even recognize. All I can do is ask for God’s mercy for the sake of Christ. My forgiveness is not based on my perfect memory.

    3) Your example about the judge doesn’t work. The judge and his son are not the creator of all things and more specifically not the ones who made me. Also, more is required than innocence with regard to my crime. The judge’s son may be innocent of my crime but he’s not sinless. In short, a human judge can’t serve as a proper analogy to God’s judgment.

    4) You can deny the problem I raised in my post, but many Muslims are all too aware of this problem themselves. They work hard to please Allah, but in the end they can’t be sure that he will forgive them. I have spoken with many Muslims who have admitted this. And it’s a fearful thing. Denying my argument won’t make this problem that Muslims recognize go away. What you need to do is show them that Allah doesn’t compromise his holiness if he forgives sin. My argument is that Islam can’t show this without a mediator between Allah and humanity.

  5. Fraiser,

    Response to Point 1:
    The bigger difference in Islam from Christianity is not forgiveness, but accountability of sin. In Islam, every person is held responsible for his or her own sin, not my fathers sin. While in Christianity, not only is the original sin still around, yet forgiveness for sins, go thru someone else. Some one else clears the Christians for their sins. While in Islam, we are all responsible for our own sins.

    Response to Point 2:
    Have I repented for every sin? I do not think I repented for every sin I did. Interpreting the Qur’an wrong unintentionally is another topic in of its self, but there is no sin if it is done by accidentally as long as it is not done on purpose for some other agenda. See your statement “wouldn’t you perish in the afterlife?” is an incorrect understanding of Islam. In Islam, if a person has sin, that Allah has not forgiven him, he will serve his punishment in Hell, but after a certain time, he will be removed from Hell and be allowed to enter Paradise. There are deeds Muslims can do, that will expedite all sins. Allah says in the Qur’an that he will forgive all sins, except one. Now this is quote is not as simple as read and understand. By forgiveness he means three things. He either forgives outright, or if one is non repentant about it, and he will have his sins expedited by his good deeds. And if none of the two above happen, he will be sent to hell until his sins have been expedited. The only sin that Allah does not forgive, is the sin of associating partners with him. Saying there is another god. Saying god has a son. Saying god is 2, 3, 4, and ect.

    Response to Point 3:
    True I agree that analogy I made has many flaws. Also, how does a god who forgives those who seek forgiveness, be more illogic, than a god who has his son expedite sins of all mankind?

    Response to Point 4:
    I am not denying anything you said, but this is not a problem to me. In Islam, it is quite simple, everyone who believes in Allah as the only god, and Muhammad as his messenger, Heaven has been promised to them. Simple as that, saying that means Heaven has been promised. 13:35 Qur’an. See I differ hugely with your comment “Islam can’t show this without a mediator between Allah and humanity” Islam has sent messengers down to give the message, but Islam does not require a middleman when speaking to our lord. Islam is quite simple; we have a direct line with god. We ask him for forgiveness, we don’t believe that some one else paid for our sins.

    Thank You.

  6. Ben says:

    This is one of those things like “The Bet” or St. Anselm’s ontological argument. The truth is that probably no one has ever been or will ever be converted to another religion by just a logical argument. There are two good reasons for this: 1) People are at best, maybe 30% logical and 70% emotional. 2) Even these so-called “a priori” type things (before experience) depend on a worldview-based logical structure. How hard would it be to imagine a world in which sin did not require punishment? Not that hard.

    Knowing polemics can be valuable in making sure that Christianity does not appear foolish, but I would guess it is of dubious value in evangelism. As Paul says, “The kingdom of God is not a matter of talk, but of power.” The power of a transformed life speaks louder than any argument :)

    But … I can’t resist not taking my own advice. Here’s a polemic for you guys.

    1) The Qu’ran clearly tells true believers to listen to the “People of the Book” (Jews and Christians) because they have the true scriptures. In fact, he says, “If you have any questions, ask them.” Why wouldn’t a Muslim ask us, then, the way to heaven? They will probably say, “Because your scriptures are now corrupted. But, counter that with a question: were they corrupted before or after Muhammad? We know it was not after, because we have clear evidence that the Bible took its current form hundreds of years before the rise of Islam. Why then would Muhammad tell believers to listen to them, if the Bible was already corrupted?

  7. invitation2islam says:


    Sorry I’m putting this bluntly, but what you said about the Qur’an, is not true at all. The Qur’an does not tell Muslims to follow the “people of scriptures” nor does it say to ask them for answers. The Qur’an does tell Muslims, who do not know to ask the “People of Knowledge”. “Ahlul Kitaab” means “people of scriptures” referring to Jews and Christians, while “Ahlul ilm” means “people of knowledge”. The Qur’an tells the Muslims, if you do not know, ask the people of knowledge, which it also refers to as ‘Ullema’ which means Scholars.
    “So ask the People of Knowledge if you do not know” Qur’an:21:7

    The Qur’an does tell the Muslims that the “people of the scriptures” were sent Prophets and Messengers of God, but they have become misguided over time.
    “Oh People of the Book! Commit no excesses in your religion, nor say of God anything but the truth. Christ Jesus, the son of Mary, was (no more than) a messenger of God, and His Word which He bestowed on Mary, and a spirit proceeding from Him. So believe in God and His messengers. Say not, ‘Trinity.’ Desist! It will be better for you, for God is One God, Glory be to Him! (Far exalted is He) above having a son. To Him belong all things in the heavens and on earth. And enough is God as a Disposer of affairs” (4:171).

    Muslims believe the bible has been corrupted before the time of Muhammad. Since Muhammad use to tell his companions, that the gospel and the bible have both been corrupted.

    Thank You

  8. Servant says:


    I’ve come upon these posts rather late it seems. However, with all due respect Muslims as I understand it, and as your post would suggest, believe that Jesus is a messenger of God or a profit, rejecting the idea that Jesus is indeed God himself made flesh as the bible clearly teaches (John 1).

    Concerning Jesus you have only 3 choices.

    1. Lord – Jesus is God, and claimed to be God
    2. Liar – Jesus is not God, but claimed to be God
    3. Lunatic – Jesus is not God, but truly thought he was and so claimed to be God

    It is a FACT that Jesus claimed to be God. So he was either crazy, lying, or telling the truth.

    To say he is a prophet or a messenger of God if he is a blasphemer (claiming to be God when He isn’t) which would also put into play what you suggested is the only sin that is unforgivable.

  9. saravanan says:

    Dear brother of Muslim faith,
    From your response I understand that God of Islam is not a God as person to understand and relate with human being but rather something different. Since God has loved you so much by giving his life, as child of God with such a kind of love, write to you. Please read the following matter for few minutes for better understanding about God and yourself.

    There are so many scriptures and so many prophets in the world of various religions in the history, had explained/presented about their god/gods with so many characters/attributes of which many are not acceptable by their own societies in a very general moral sense. Man as person can relate/understand other persons and anything only by his/their attributes/characters. God is a person with all best characters of human knowledge in the absolute sense. Even though he revealed through nature, various scriptures and prophets in various times, without His revelation as Person to relate with human in the history, it would be absolutely impossible for anyone to get optimum and true level of understanding of God to trust and have assurance of eternal salvation.

    God that the Bible reveals to the humanity is at the absolute level of His key attributes, Love , Holiness, Righteousness. God demonstrated this Himself in Jesus Chirst.
    These three attributes are perfectly revealed in the life of Jesus Christ even unto the events of His death at Calvary cross without compromising each other.
    1. Holy God of the Bible can not see(= tolerate) sin hence as a sign sky was darkened when Jesus was carrying all our sin on our behalf .
    2. Righteous God of the Bible can not leave any sin unpunished hence Jesus was punished on our behalf on his sprit, soul and body.

    Since all the human being are descendents of Adam, with sinful and rebellious nature and are in desperate situation with their uncountable and unmemorable sin and unable to give atonements for at satisfactory level to God. Though God himself initiated atonements for sin with animal sacrifice every day and every year in Old Testement times, it was only a shadow for the Ultimate atonement Jesus Christ and was reminding the terror of sin and hopeless condition of human to the eternity.

    3. And here is the point that revelation of Love of God was necessary for the humanity and that has been revealed to it’s utmost level when Jesus Christ took all our sin on Him and fulfilled the Righteousness of the Holy God of the Bible and resurrected on the third day to give hope and assurance of eternal life to whomever believe in it.

    If you have studied the history of many heroes of this world before and after CHRIST, have suffered like this to express their sacrifice/dedication and love to their nation/ people of their countries. People/nation of these heroes, are exalting their names till today and they honour and respect them for their good deeds.
    But see here JESUS CHRIST has revealed His love and sacrifice to the whole world irrespective of man made religions/races/nations/castes/rich/poor/masters/servants.

    This is the ABSOLUTE, PERFECT and GREATEST LOVE that humanity ever seen in the history and this Deed of God alone has the power to transform the life of mine, yours and millions from darkness to Light and death to Life. Based upon my/your faith on this Deed accomplished by God Himself, righteousness of God is being imputed upon me/you and I/you become righteous. Only the righteous/made righteous one alone can enter in to heaven. Because God who is there is Righteous. This is the good news that is preached to the ends of this world as commanded by the Lord.

    But though in Islam, God is said to be gracious and love, but demonstration of that LOVE and GRACE for humanity has been revealed by that God only in JESUS CHRIST. God is pleased in JESUS CHIRST because of His perfect obedience and He alone perfectly fulfilled all the Laws revealed in the Book(Old Testment). The holy God is never pleased in a sinful man directly and sinful man can never can not understand and worship the Holy God in the same manner. God is a person and a person is always pleased in a relationship with His children just like our physical fathers with us. This is what explained in spiritual sense as the Father and Son relationship in New Testament because God is Spirit. (Our Muslim brethren do not understand this spiritual revelation to humanity.)

    Hence a sinful man in his desperate condition needs a MEDIATOR/ADVOCATE who is eligible or Holy One so that can plead with God for forgiveness. Even Quran admits that Jesus is the WORD, SPRIT AND REVELATION OF GOD while Mohammed is sinful .

    No prophet and person can be made equal to Jesus Christ except God Himself.

    That why Jesus had made many claims (I AND THE FATHER IS ONE, I CAME TO GIVE LIFE , I AM THE WAY, TRUTH AND LIFE, I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE, I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, I AM THE DOOR, I AM THE GOOD SHEPERED WHO GIVES HIS LIFE FOR THE FLOCKS, I AM THE BREAD OF LIFE….SO ON) that no one in human history has claimed like that. WHY?. Because, Jesus Christ is the ultimate and complete revelation of God and God Himself. Now nothing is required excepted for repentance with understanding of this TRUTH the GOOD NEWS. No need for another sacrifice/ prophet/revelation/scripture. Because REVELATION OF GOD IS COMPLETE WITH JESUS CHRIST TO HUMANITY and THE BIBLE.

    Dear brother, kindly understand this truth. God has not given the duty of earning our eternal life with our own standards/deeds since it is never possible by man. He has earned it for you not just in words but in real deed by demonstrating that LOVE on the Calvary Cross. Yes, He created the history, took the history to fulfill His purpose for us through the same history. Understand this great loving and gracious God, every sinner in this world only can praise and thank him. Faith is the only thing you need to put to inherit His grace for your eternal salvation and all the good deeds there after you are supposed to do as a child of the Holy, Righteous and Loving God of this Universe.

    Kindly don’t think that you do good things/religious practices and that will take you to eternal salvation. Ask your inner heart/conscience whether your good deed can over shadow your sins. If every man needs to earn his eternal life according to his good deeds/practices as proposed in Islam, no single man and prophet of this history can enter into heaven. Because with our very sinful nature, we do more sin(s) than our good works. Even if you do 1000 good things according to your religion/your own standards and do 1 sin, still you are a sinner in front of the Holy God. This is the fallen and helpless nature of every soul in this world. There so many millions of people who do very good things than a true Christian, to get merit for heaven but without any assurance of their salvation. Doing good things is our duty and for that very purpose, you and I have been created in the very image of God. You and I are supposed to do so and there is no merit in it. For example, you are doing everything according to your country rules/regulation. It is your duty as a citizen and you are supposed to do so. God who created us is good. So we are supposed to do good things. But of sinful/corruptive nature and mind set, man thinks he is good if he behave according to the Law. If he is good in nature, then why there are rules/regulation/agreements/courts/military forces/police stations. Under this situation what kind of special thing/merit, will take you to the heaven. Does Allah of Islam has revealed any such kind of merit of his own to the humanity to believe him?. Does Allah of Islam has revealed any such kind of absolute characters of highest standard of his own to the humanity to follow him as a Holy, Righteous and Loving God-Person?. All the believers of Old Testement times, had fore seen this Love and Grace in their Messiah, the Jesus Christ and waited for Salvation by Faith and by that they are justified.

    Whatever we talk about moral thoughts and deeds with our own standards are only relative and nor in absolute sense. Because, we understand everything in this world only by relating ourselves with others (things/persons). INSECURED AND UNSATISFIED STATE OF EVERY SOUL BECAUSE OF SIN is the ultimate cause of all problems and destruction in this world. Now, God of the Bible revealed in Jesus Christ IS THE ULTIMATE ANSWER AND SOLUTION. HE is knocking the door of your heart to give freely the ETERNAL LIFE HE EARNED FOR YOU. BUILD YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THIS HOLY GOD. THIS RELATIONSHIP YOU EXPERIENCE WITH GOD IN CHRIST IS THE TRUE PEACE AND LIFE ..

    If we want to debate, we can. But time you/we spend in debate will not allow you/we ultimately in to heaven. Because You and I may die today or tomorrow and leave this physical world. But I have assurance of salvation based on the person and works of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Chirst. IF AT ALL YOU CLEARLY OBSERVED, I HAVE PREACHED/PRESENTED A PERSON-GOD IN CHRIST IN WHOM WE NEED TO TRUST AND NOT A/ANY RELIGION. SO CALLED RELIGION AND RITUALS AND MADE BY HUMAN WILL NEVER SAVE HIM ETERNALLY.

    Dear brother, Believe in Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION.

    With love in Christ,

  10. kfive says:

    Christians have made God man before they made Jesus God. Christians believe that God’s Mercy is rooted in Weakness – hence He has to punish all sins to prove He’s Just. However, in Islam, God’s Mercy is rooted in Might, Wisdom and Justice. The Mercy of God is UNLIKE the mercy of a human (which IS rooted in weakness).

    The trinity is really a reactive story that results from speaking about God with no knowledge. The fundamental problem of Christianity is ignorance about God and His Attributes – the rest is details.

  11. sara says:

    Dear Brother of Muslim faith,

    Kindly explain on what basis/definition you understand the word” Mercy”. Mercy is needed for a man who is weak/strength-less/ helpless.

    You say mercy of God is unlike of man. Since God has created man in His own image, despite the fallen nature, we express some level of His nature/attributes(mind of love/mercy, creativity, planning, designing are few examples). In relationship, we understand what is mercy/love among ourselves.

    How do you relate the word Mercy with the words Might,Wisdom and Justice. I don’t understand what you mean “rooted in”. Let us talk in a simple and understanding way. kindly explain the word you mentioned”mercy” from Islam, if you can.

    If you accept that you are sinner, then how do you relate your relationship with a Holy God and on what stand?

    What is your understanding/explanation from Quran/Islam for a holy, righteous and loving life derived from God Himself revealed in the history?

    God of Bible, HAS REVEALED HIMSELF, sufficiently to UNDERSTAND Him, to FOLLOW Him and also to WITNESS Him, in words and deeds of our physical/earthly life.

    The core problem of Islam is ignorance/inability/unwillingness to have RELATIONSHIP with GOD and to distinguish/discern SPIRITUAL things and PHYSICAL things.

    Dear brother, kindly understand what you need is RELATIONSHIP (with the holy GOD) and not RELIGION (of fallen/sinful MANKIND).

    With love in Chirst,

  12. kfive says:

    Dear Saravanan,

    Wow – somebody responded!

    Any direct analogy (or level as you call it) is always invalid because it brings God and creatures into a relationship of direct comparison. Even if God and an idol both happen to be objects of worship, and even if God and the creatures share the fact of existence, these coincidences do not imply that God may be equated with created things in any other respect. Rather God may not be made analogous to any created things because of His Incomparability. Drawing an analogy from a creature to God or God to a creature sets the two on the same level and is tantamount to Idolatry.

    Being ‘made in the image of God’ does not violate the above, and is in fact an Islamic teaching. But this doesn’t change the above because just as everything that exists must have attributes, so too everything that exists by itself must have a form or image. It is impossible for something that exists by itself not to have a form or image.

    Concerning the names and attributes, what is literal or absolute is that the names and attributes refer to realities wholly beyond human comprehension. While God’s attributes may connote certain things in the human mind, these thoughts do not correspond to anything in the modality of the attributes of God Himself.

    When we talk about the names and attributes of God, it must be done in an a fortiori (i.e. all the more) manner. This manner maintains the necessary unlikeness between God and creatures and, moreover, asserts that God is all the worthier of whatever judgement of perfection is applied to creatures than are the creatures themselves.

    Concerning every perfection and attribute praiseworthy in itself and devoid of imperfection that belongs to some created, originated existents, it is known that the Lord, Creator, Self-Subsistent, Everlasting, Eternal and Necessary Existent in Himself is all the worthier of it. And concerning every imperfection, Lord, Creator, Holy, Peace, Eternal, Necessary of Existence in Himself is all the worthier of being exonerated from it.

    From the above, it’s quite obvious that God never became a man because hunger, death, ignorance, excretion are all imperfections that He is all the worthier of being exonerated from.

    I agree with you that:

    “God HAS REVEALED HIMSELF, sufficiently to UNDERSTAND Him, to FOLLOW Him and also to WITNESS Him, in words and deeds of our physical/earthly life,”

    but in a strictly A FORTIORI way.

    This leads to a strong and deep RELATIONSHIP (with the holy GOD), which Muslims have and non-Muslims don’t have. Non-muslims worship an Idol, while Muslims single out their worship only for their Creator, God.

    I’ll let you digest what I said here before I move on to the topic of sin and your question:

    If you accept that you are sinner, then how do you relate your relationship with a Holy God and on what stand?


  13. eric says:

    we are NOT saved by our own is by the blood of Jesus Christ that our sins are washed away.islam is proof,just as any other religion, that bases its redemption on works.we can go through a ritual of praying out the rosary,or sacrificing animals,or confessing our sins to another man,priest or bow before idols.none of this will ever redeem us from satans hold on mans soul.islaam has no means of redemption outside of mans own selfrightiuosness.

  14. kfive says:

    Part II:

    Sinning and being a sinner are two different things. Also, there is wisdom in Sin. I am not in anyway condoning sin at all as sins have harmful affects on people’s souls, lives and surroundings. However, some people may become more spiritual because of the remorse felt due to a sin and they end up becoming better due to it.

    Sin does not remove anything from the Kingdom of God as our good deeds add anything to it. Sin is an opportunity to return to God.

  15. Hewbrews4twelve says:

    When some one says they have been saved, the question to be asked is saved from what? Many people will say from sin. This is simply not true! Sin was an act you did. Sin isn’t going to throw you in hell. You have sinned, but sin is not a living being that going to judge you then throw you into hell.

    What you have been saved from is not a what, it is a who.

    Much more then, being now justified by his blood, shall we be saved from the wrath of God through him. Romans 5:9.

    You have been saved from God. God is the judge of all the universe. YOU have sinned and made yourself an enemy of God. So when you stand before Him, He will judge you and throw you into hell.

    However Romans 5:9 (quoted above) has a curious anomaly. It states that since we have been justified by His blood (past tense), we shall be saved from the wrath of God through Him (future tense). Jesus Christ our Lord & savior . Amen. God bless you.

  16. kfive says:

    I agree with you that “sin is not a living being that is going to judge you then throw you into hell”, because sin is a lack.

    In fact, sin is the good act you didn’t do.

    However, if you repent to God directly, this repentance becomes the good act that fills the lack left by sin and you’re forgiven.

    No need for the cross. :-)

  17. kfive says:

    Eric, our good works are created by God, so of course they are
    good enough. When we do the good work of repenting, which
    is created by God and a Grace from Him, we are forgiven.

    No need for blood or the cross.

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