Order of Salvation

What’s the order of salvation?
Today in Theology class my professor pointed out something interesting in regards to those who like to speak chronologically of salvation.
If regeneration comes before faith, then you have an unbelieving regenerate.
And if faith comes before regeneration, then you have an unregenerate believer.
So most likely, from God’s perspective, there is no chronology involved.

So while salvation “seems” so chronilogical, we must be careful how we speak of it.  We must hesitate.


3 Responses to Order of Salvation

  1. Ben says:

    You know … hm.

    How was that?

  2. Lee says:

    Solution: God’s perspective being outside of time… ?

    NB: I think this is might be addressed by EO in one of the areas in which I think they are really strong – their distance from the dialectic. As I’ve been gaining a little bit of understanding of that area of their theology, it seems to mitigate Protestant problem areas like this one…

  3. MG says:

    Another easy way to solve the problem from the reformed perspective might be to just say that faith is simultaneous with regeneration, such that there is no moment at which a saved person is regenerated but not faithful. For instance, if to be regenerated just means to have faith, then this would be possible. As God regenerates he makes us faithful.

    Of course I don’t agree with this view.

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