The Truth About Homosexuality

This spring our chapel lecture series is on “The Truth About Homosexuality.” To be honest, at first I was wondering how the series could go one for five chapels, I mean isn’t the Bible pretty clear that homosexuality is wrong? But the series has actually been quite good, especially because of the culture here in the States that is telling us lies and trying to make something right and seem normal that less than 1% of our population is a part of, not to mention the clarity of the Bible on the issue that places homosexuality in the category of sin.

Thursday’s section was presented by Dr. Irvin A. Busenitz on “Marriage and Homosexuality: Towards a Biblical Understanding” and it was very enlightening. But putting aside all the facts and stats, at the end of his message he presented a quote that I want to turn to here.

“Scripture never lends its approval to any kind of sexual partnerships outside the marital, monogamous, one-woman one-man union. Every other form of sexual encounter, including looking at pornography on television, the Internet, and in magazines, is illicit and sinful in God’s eyes. The connection between Paul’s condemnation of homosexuality in Romans one and the opening verses of Romans two must not be overlooked. The chapter break is unfortunate, for the two are vitally intertwined. Commenting on this vital connection, one writer insightfully remarks:

‘This shoe fits every heterosexual who reacts with disgust at a broadcast of a gay rights demonstration and then turns the channel to stare uncritically at adultery in a drama, trivialization of sex in a sitcom, fornication in a music video, and virtual prostitution in advertisements…More to the point, the power of the gospel is not about looking at sexual sin on a television screen but about looking at sexual sin in the mirror.’ (Schmidt, Straight & Narrow?, 54, 55)”


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  1. I am trully bored with reading the nonsence from these bible bashing idoitswho want everyone to be like them….. Surely that in itself is the true sin?
    I am in a country (US citizen) here in Dubai where the Muslims would like everone to be the same as them, the Hindus would like the same… etc etc.
    Narrow minded idiots – all of you. True sinners and wicked if you think that you have the exclusive rights to dictate how people behave on this little planet that we all share. Think about how selfish and ignorant you are and appear to the majority of the worlds population. And we Americans wonder why we are so disliked by almost every other race on the globe….. could it be partly because of the stupid bible bashing crettins???? I suspect it could have somthing to do with it.


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