The Diary of David Brainerd

David Brainerd

I was listening to the audio book of the Diary of David Brainerd on my way up to Morgan Hill today and I thought I would share one quote (out of many) that hit me.

It is from his entry on April 26, 1745

“But of late I have seen it my duty to divert myself by all lawful means, that I may be fit, at least some small part of my time, to labor for God. And here is the difference between my present diversions, and those I once pursued, when in a natural state. Then I made a God of my diversions, delighted in them with a neglect of God, and drew my highest satisfaction from them. Now I use them as means to help me in living to God; fixedly delighting in him, and not in them, drawing my highest satisfaction from him. Then they were my all; now they are only means leading to my all. And those things that are the greatest diversion, when pursued with this view, do not tend to hinder, but promote my spirituality; and I see now, more than ever, that they are absolutely necessary.”

Entertainment and leisure is always a difficult subject, at least for myself – and I think there is much room for me to grow in this area of my life.  For I fear that too often I find my rest in the world rather than in God, I look to the world to give me respite from my daily activities rather than to God.

How foolish it is for me to think that the world has something better to offer than God, and that I would find any real rest apart from God.

So what does it look like to rest in God and not in the world?  What ways have you found useful to rest in God rather than in the world’s entertainment?

You can read this book online at Google Books: The Life and Diary of David Brainerd


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