Random Thoughts from Reading (Psalm 119:176)

“I have gone astray like a lost sheep;
Seek Your servant,
For I do not forget Your commandments.”
(Psalm 119:176)

Over the past few weeks I have been focusing on assurance of salvation because of some conversations I have had with people both on this blog and elsewhere that showed I do not really have a good grasp on what I should base my assurance of salvation on. I have spent quite a lot of time studying and asking the Lord to allow me to better see and understand what Scripture teaches on assurance. There is more to learn, but I am learning.
So in reading this today I am reminded of what assurance should be based on.

First an understanding that I am totally lost and helpless on my own. This is an acknowledgment of sin and the inability to save myself.

Second, an entreaty to God to save, knowing that salvation rests fully in God’s hands, in that there is no hope outside of Him, and if He does not help, then I am damned.

Third, I find hope because I find within me the longing to do what God wants – I am not happy to continue in my sin, I have known of the joy of the commands of God, and I continue to remember them and long to follow His will. This is hope because I see that God is at work in me, that God has changed my heart.

This is possibly looking at things too simply, and yet, sometimes simple is good.

Praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy, for His everlasting love and His provision of salvation through Christ. May He be praised in and through my life. I rest in Him for salvation, and I find true rest for my soul.


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