Random Thoughts from Reading (Psalm 119)

“Hold me up, and I shall be safe,
And I shall observe Your statutes continually.”
(Psalm 119:117)

What a wonderful truth – if the Lord holds me, I will be safe.  There is nothing that can harm me if I am in his hands.  If I look to him for strength, if I wait on him alone I will do all that he desires.  It is when I rely on myself that I fail – when I try to hold myself up by my own strength.  I cannot hold myself up, I do not have the strength, nor the will.  He is my strength, he is my will – and in looking to him, in waiting on him, in trusting him, I will be safe, for he will hold me up.

“Father, hold me up, prevent me from falling.  I confess I too often rely on myself, thinking that I can follow you apart from you. Bring me to a more full reliance on you for everything in my daily life. Cause me to understand more deeply just how dependent I am on you for everything, especially in salvation.  Lord, thank you for your grace, for you know my frame, you know my weaknesses, my sins, and yet you have loved me and love me and have saved me from utter destruction.  Thank you.”



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