“But the person who acts defiantly…”

“And the priest must make atonement for the person who sins unintentionally – when he sins unintentionally before the Lord – to make atonement for him, and he will be forgiven…But the person who acts defiantly, whether native-born or a resident foreigner, insults the Lord. That person must be cut off from among his people. Because he has despised the word of the Lord and has broken his commandment, that person must be completely cut off. His iniquity will be on him.” (Numbers 15:28, 30-31)

Today in chapel we heard a message that had a section on the seriousness of sin. How we so easily make sin no big deal. It is our nature to make little of our sin – we think ourselves as relatively ok in comparison with the other gross “sinners” around us.

We must beware of making light of ANY kind of sin.

God is so holy that it only took one sin to bring about the death of all humanity. Think about that. One sin.

It made me recall what my professor had said in class right before chapel – something I knew, but had never pondered enough: there is NO provision for high-handed rebellious sin in the Old Testament. There is no forgiveness for deliberate sin.

That is the evil of sin – it shows how much God hates it – and how I do not see sin as he does.

Sin is so bad God had to come and die. My sin……my sin….he died because of my sin…

May I grow in my understanding of what sin truly is, and because of Christ’s work on the cross and the Spirit in me, may I grow to hate it as God hates it, and therefore live a holy and blameless life, that others may see my life and glorify my Father in heaven.


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