Fifth Principle Drawn From God’s Sovereignty in Relation to Prayer

    1. Prayer is Beneficial Because God’s Sovereign Plan is Good
      It would not do us much good if God was sovereign but was not good. Though he would have the capability to answer our prayers, there would be little to look forward to in asking God for something or even in praising his name (Hunter, p. 49). In fact, we might actually get what we ask for when in fact it would not be best for us! The Bible clearly states that God is good (Ps 25:8, Nah. 1:7), and so in God’s sovereign response to prayer, all that he does will be good. As a parent desires to give good things to his or her children, so much more, the Bible says, does God, our heavenly Father, desire to give what is good to those that ask (Matt. 7:9-11).


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