The True Ladder

John 1:50-51
Jesus answered him,
“Because I said to you, ‘I saw you
under the fig tree,’ do you believe?

(51) And he said to him,
“Truly, truly, I say to you, you will
see heaven opened, and
the angels of God ascending and
descending on the Son of Man.”

Nathanael is obviously greatly impressed by what Jesus has done – impressed by the proclamation of the omniscience of Jesus – but Jesus points out that this is nothing compared to what will occur. And we see Jesus refer back to the dream that Jacob had as the reality of that dream – Jesus is the ladder – the connection between men and God – and that this would occur and Nathanael would see it.

How easily our emotions are stirred at the miraculous! At the extraordinary!

We look in the Old Testament – The parting of the Red Sea, manna from heaven, battles won by the lifting of hands, the sun standing still, a boy killing a giant, a strong man killing 1000 soldiers with a jaw bone, an axe head floating on water, a prophet riding a chariot of fire to heaven and on and on – we are captivated! Even Jesus, the Apostles – the miracles they performed! And we look around now – and we say, there is nothing really extraordinary going on like it was back then.

But we forget, these extraordinary things that we long for – these miracles that we feel would be so great – if only we could just see something miraculous, then I would really feel better about all of this – we forget – these extraordinary gifts – they are common!

It is a great privilege to see or even to perform a miracle, to behold extraordinary things – healings, demons being cast out, dead men rising again – a great privilege – but this privilege is common. Common in the sense that the privilege to see, the privilege to perform extraordinary deeds is not only given to God’s people – not only to those who have saving faith – not only to the children of God – We forget, even Judas cast out devils, the betrayer of the Son of God, even he healed people – King Saul, rejected by God, even he prophesied – Balaam was a wicked man, and yet he performed extraordinary feats and witnessed extraordinary things!

Do not seek after these common things – but seek after that which is uncommon, that which is rare, – as a treasure hidden in a field – a treasure that when found because joy over it you go and sell all you have in order to buy that field and posses the treasure

Your highest happiness does not lie in how many miraculous things you see in your lifetime or whether or not you even perform an extraordinary act – rather your highest happiness lies in holiness – for it is through holiness that you are united to God, the fountain of all good.

And what of this holiness – from where does it come? Where is this rare jewel? This jewel that Judas knew nothing of – for this jewel is only for the children of God – it is given only by the Father to His children – not to outsiders.

“Truly, truly, I say to you, you will
see heaven opened, and
the angels of God ascending and
descending on the Son of Man.”

It is Christ – to see Him, to know Him and to behold the ladder – the true ladder from you to God – The Lamb of God – the one sacrifice for sin – He is the greatest thing, the most precious jewel, the pearl without price! The grace of knowing Christ – it is greater than the parting of the Red Sea! Greater than men rising from the dead! There is no greater thing than this – turn your eyes to Him – Behold Him, and wonder, follow after Him, for He is calling – Come and you will see.


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